Wk 2 — Activity — Virtual: Worlds

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Getting my Groove on in GTA V

Wk 2 — Activity — Virtual: Worlds

  1. As opposed to Physical Long Beach State University, “Zoom U” strips us of many social interactions. Thankfully, we are still given the opportunity to talk with others virtually but that in-person connection is what I truly miss. The only plus side to “Zoom U” is the amount of gas money I’ve saved up, and no parking fee! It is harder to focus though, when in person and in the classroom setting its way easier for me to focus on what the professor is saying — now it’s a bit challenging. However, Zoom U still gives us the ability to talk to classmates and instructors. For many of my classes, office hours are held just as they would be for in-person meetings.
  2. The game I decided to dive into was Grand Theft Auto 5. In comparison to a non-place environment tool like Instagram, I am able to interact with friends online in a more “real” way. I could make my avatar mimic life-like expressions that make my interactions with friends more fun. I feel like social media is a bit more one-sided, conversations don’t feel so “real”.
  3. In comparison to the real world, in the game, I am able to go to a club and dance whenever! Given the circumstances now, I’m not able to do that in real life. The night club in GTA V is really immersive and fun, just as it is in real life, however the game does offer some dance moves I cannot do in life. I will always prefer the real place though, the feeling I get is different.
  4. I believe it is possible to find a “Place Experience” despite these unprecedented times. It won’t ever be just as good but to some degree, it is as close as we’ll get and I’m very grateful to have access to these types of things!
  5. To a certain extent, some may argue that social media platforms are a form of MMORPGs, but they’re not as immersive. As I’ve mentioned previously, social media feels more one-sided, whereas in games such as GTA V or WoW, the response time is more accurate to real life, thus making the role-playing aspect of an RPG game an even better experience.
  6. Real-life could be considered an MMORPG but to a certain degree. Roleplaying could be done in real life, it’s definitely a thing, but we can’t really morph ourselves into an avatar of our choosing, we also can’t perform certain actions. So the real world kind of inhibits us, if you look at it this way.

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