Wk 11 — Artist OTW — Student ChoiceMedia: Illustrator and designer

Website: https://www.janicesung.com/

Instagram: janicesung

Janice Sung went to school graduated from Sheridan College with a bachelor’s degree in Animation. On her website, she mentions that she actually doesn’t like animating. Janice Sung struggled a lot to find her style as she believes that finding your style can be seen as a part of your identity. Janice is a freelancer, she first started in a small boutique studio in Toronto as a concept artist.

Janice likes to incorporate a ton of geometric shapes in her drawings, whether that be earpieces, clothing, or just the background. The texture is so unique too, scruffy almost. Janice sometimes does digital work and still adds a watercolor-finish type of texture. The color palette she usually uses is neutral, pastels. Her work is simplistic overall but so beautiful to look at, it’s exactly what one would want to be hung up in their apartment.

Janice’s pieces have a little theme going on recently: Disney princess. Well, that’s what I like to call it. Janice does portraits of women alongside animals! I love it, the animals in some way compliment the woman in the painting. It’s amazing! It almost is like representing their spirit animal. One has a bunch of koala’s surrounding a woman wearing a sun hat and white dress. She has such a unique style, so serene, dreamlike too.

Janice Sung is by far the artist who has inspired me the most. Her work is so beautiful and has resonated with me deeply. I aspire to reach her level of expertise one day! Her color palette is something I use a lot, thanks to her of course. I’ve always liked neutral colors but actually seeing them put together in the way Janice has inspired me so much.

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