Week 7 — Art Activity — Collabor-8

…For The Weekend

Group Members: Burritobowl, Carmen Rea, and Nicholas Ramirez

Sitting by the shore we thought of all the possibilities this weekend had in store for us
We walked through the bridge that led us back to the house we rented out for the weekend
The house was on a hill; the view was amazing
There was an array of movies offered at the house to binge for the night
Before the night ended, made sure to turn in all of our work to enjoy the next day with no worries
We decided to snack on some fruits while watching movies and finishing up our homework- worked up an appetite!
We all agreed that we deserved some waffles for dinner!
The house had a jukebox and we let it play alllll night
The next morning we all decided to go out in the garden and take in the morning sunshine
We were feeling a bit lazy so we went ahead and ordered some crepe’s from Blizz! Delicious!
During the drive from Blizz back to the house, we listened to music while looking out the window, just enjoying the weekend

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