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2. My original vision went exactly as planned!

3. “ “

4. I think my project was definitely a success! Everything went smoothly — better than I expected really.

5. I believe my project got stronger due to improvements as I was working on it. For example, the background colors looked boring solid so I decided to make it blend into a different color! It made it far more vibrant.

6. Really all I was trying to do was express was my love for MCU! I think I pretty much achieved my goal. I wanted to paint something Marvel-related for quite some time and this was perfect. …

Artists: Micol Hebron and Joseph DeLappe

Media: Video Art, Performance Art, New Media

Websites: http://micolhebron.artcodeinc.com/pages/art/ & http://www.delappe.net/

Intermedia artists Micol Hebron and Joseph DeLappe are both extremely talented. Michol Hebron studied at UCLA where she got a Bachelor’s in the Arts as well as a Masters in Fine Arts. Micol Hebron is also studying what is known as Video Art or Performance Art. Similarly, Joseph DeLappe works with the virtual world and is currently a professor of “Games and Tactical Media” at Abertay University which is located in Scotland. Both Hebron and DeLappe work with “New Media”.

I stumbled upon a bunch of Hebron’s feminist work, she is very passionate about this topic and it is made evident throughout her work. DeLappe’s work is unlike anything I’ve seen before, he made a self-portrait of himself, as a Monster Truck! Hebron’s work hints a lot at gender and gender norms. She creates images with computer software, or with what I assume is photoshop. One, for example, is a cropped image of a male nipple alongside a witty caption connoting to the “unacceptable” female nipple. DeLappe’s portrays himself as what seems like a silver monster truck. The light blue background behind the big silver monster truck brings the whole thing together. …

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  1. I plan to make a portrait of spider-man/venom.

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